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Tocyna Holdings (K) Limited is based Kisumu, Kenya. It is wholly Kenyan owned company with an experience & expertise of almost 10 years (since 2010) company is serving industries as well as institutions for their research & manufacturing needs. Company has its own Bulking center which helps company to develop new emerging products as per market requirements which can be used for research or manufacturing. The registered office is located in the city from where company is being operated. Huge warehouse and with all required well equipped amenities & well trained & educated staff has proved to be the strong foundation of the company. We as a company always believe in delivering quality products only. Tocyna Holdings (K) Limited provides the chemicals for the manufacture of products that range from commodities to resins and advanced chemicals & pharmaceutical preparations. Our cumulative skills and knowledge allow us to be creative and innovative to deliver value


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Water Treatment Plant Chemicals (WTP) | Effluent Treatment Plant Chemicals (ETP) | Reverse Osmosis Plant Chemicals (RO) | Swimming Pool Chemicals |DM Plant Chemicals | Industrial Chemicals | Sewage Treatment Plant Chemicals (STP) | Polyelectrolyte | Activated Carbon Granular/Powder | Alum (Ferric/Non Ferric Powder /Slabs / Lumps) | Filtration Media | Silica Gel Pouches | Biocides | Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) | Sodium Hypo Chlorite | Liquid Bleach | Chlorine | Hypo | Iron Removal Media | Hydrated Lime | Caustic Soda Flakes | Hydrogen Peroxide | Sulphuric Acid Nitric Acid  | Hydrochloric Acid | Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents | Apparatus and Equipment


Our Specialization

We have a market focused range of industrial, Laboratory and household cleaning chemicals and water treatment products. Use of our products will ensure our customers achieve their hygiene, sanitation and water treatment objectives.

Our Service include the following

(1) Supply of Bulk Chemicals, Acids, Solvents, Minerals & Other Rare Bulk Chemicals.

(2) Supply of Laboratory Chemicals & Culture Media. (3) Supply of Laboratory Equipments & Instruments.

(4) Supply of Glassware’s & Plastic wares. (5) Supply of Miscellaneous Laboratory & Industrial Items.

(6) To provide complete technical information & application methodology to our customers.

Laboratory Chemicals
Lab Aparatus
Machinery Hire
Industrial Chemicals
House Hold Detergents

Our Product Application


(A) Research Institutes and Education Institutes including Veterinary and Medical Colleges.

(B)Public Health Care: Water supply, Waste water disposal, Pollution control, Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories.


 (A) Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

(B) Vaccine, Toxin and Antibiotics

(C) Food, Beverages and Dairy Products including Oil Industry

(D) Agriculture such as Biofertilizers

Our Expert Team

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Joshua Athunga

Managing Director
Mr. Joshua Athunga holds a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Project Management from KIM. He is a qualified Chemist by profession and is also a practicing Natural Scientist in the Environmental Management Field. He has more than 10 years experience working in the scientific sector. He has strong skills in strategic planning and execution of projects.

Kennedy Were

Commercial Director
Mr. Kennedy Were holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the Moi University. He is a qualified . He has more than 10 years experience in the chemical Distribution and operations. His strengths are chemical engineering design and business administration.

Diana Nekesa

Technical Director
Mrs. Diana Nekesa holds a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from the Mount Kenya University. She is a qualified Analytical Chemist by profession, however she has more than 20 years experience in the chemical engineering and operations sector. Her strengths are chemical process plant design and operations.